Notify Phone or Telegram of incoming SMS

If SMS has been sent to the phone tied to the account, then the service can forward this SMS to another number or to the Telegram chat room.
Also, it is possible to send if in sms the specified keywords are found!
For this mechanism to work, you must specify in the URL field in the editing device, add a line like this:

1. For sending in SMS:
{"phone": "+ 79204100 ***", "words": ["how much," "price"]}
- in the field "phone" it is necessary to specify the phone number to which SMS will be sent
- in the "words" field it is necessary to specify keywords in quotes, separated by commas

1. To be sent to Telegram:
{"telegram": "48754 ***", "words": ["how much," "price"]}
- in the field "telegram" you need to specify the code of your account (How to get it add to the chat list, bot @MyTelegramID_bot . After opening this chat, the bot will send you the information where your code will be indicated "ID: 48754 ***")
- in the "words" field it is necessary to specify keywords in quotes, separated by commas

To send all sms, the "words" field does not need to be specified!


Ping-SMS is a specially generated binary SMS message that is not displayed in the recipient's phone and is designed to check subscriber numbers for real-time availability.
This function is available only for premium accounts and for each SMS is written off for 10 minutes from the premium!

We had our own bot in Telegram

We had our own bot in Telegram, while in the test version, but you can already see the mailings and statistics on them.
In the future, you will be informed of the status of the devices.

For those who can not wait!)

New functionality! For those who can not wait!)
For those who send SMS via API, now there is an opportunity to send SMS instantly !!!
For this, you need to tick the "Instant send" button in the token editing. I want to note that this functionality sends sms, bypassing all limit checks and time limits, so only premium accounts can use it!

For the correct operation, you need the presence of an Android account in Google, this will ensure the work of push notifications, for instant receipt of the program, sending tasks.

Updating the application SemySMS

Version 2.6.5 (47)
1. Optimizing
2. Fixing the incoming calls
3. Added detection of caller ID from your contact database semysms
4. Bug Fixes