Sending messages via WhatsApp (no root)

To work with WhatsApp you need a premium account on the site!

Specify numbers, when sending messages, it is necessary only in the international format, it means that they must begin with +...

Important! Messages are sent only when the unlocked screen of the phone is on.
But for this we made a special setting in the main application window!
Incoming messages, it is possible to get it, look here.

This functionality is supported by SemySMS application version 150 and higher.

In order to enable the function of sending messages via WhatsApp, you need to go to the application settings on your phone and enable the "Enable WhatsApp" option in the WhatsApp category (no root)

When you enable this option, the program will ask for special permissions. In the system settings window that opens, you need to find the SemySMS application and enable the service.

Settings Items:

"Pause time in seconds." - this parameter sets the pause between messages. It is not recommended to pause for less than 5 seconds.

"Go to access settings" - go to system settings, to enable or disable accessibility features, for the application..

After you enable the "Enable work with WhatsApp" item, one or two cards for the WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business applications that are currently installed on your phone will appear in the main application window. Each of the applications can be linked to the site and used to send messages. On the site they will be shown as separate devices.

The principle of this mechanism is that the SemySMS application sends a regular request to send a message to the WhatsApp application and as soon as the WhatsApp application is open, our application clicks the send button. For the messenger, it looks as if the person himself does it manually.

When using this method, it is possible to send both text and images. To do this, the text uses <img>URL</img> tags. Image must be a URL! There can be only one picture!

Example text with a picture inside (without quotes):

"<img></img> Test text"